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We offer a wide range of services in our practice.

Find out more about what we offer online here or contact us if you have any further questions about our services.

Leistungen: Dienstleistungen


- General practitioner care for the entire family (from 12 years)

- Youth protection investigation

- Adolescent health screening

- health examination

    (check up 35)

- Skin cancer screening


- Cancer screening for men

    from 45 years

- Vaccinations according to STIKO


- Travel medicine advice*


- professional aptitude tests*


- basic psychosomatic care

- psychotherapy based on depth psychology

    (under supervision)


- Wound management


- leech therapy*


- smoking cessation through


- Ear acupuncture 

- Infusions **

- Orthopedic taping*

  Contact us today to arrange a convenient appointment or find out more.


- Sonography (ultrasound) with color Doppler for: abdominal organs, thyroid gland, lymph nodes,

    Neck vessels

- ECG, stress ECG*

- Long-term blood pressure measurement

- Lung function test


- Laboratory tests and functional tests


- Driving license examination*


- Sports fitness check*

Put your health first and schedule your lab tests and checkups today. Regular visits allow you to stay on top of your medical needs and ensure you are always up to date.


- Type 2 diabetes mellitus

- Coronary heart disease

- Asthma/COPD

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